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Small Businesses create a lot of jobs, but they also destroy almost as many, because they are much more likely than big firms to go out of business or shrink. This is why from 1993 to 2010, small firms with fewer than 20 employees were responsible for 29 percent of gross job creation but only 15 percent of net job gains.

If all of the job creations are made by small-medium businesses and entrepreneurs, how do we improve the retention of those staff? We need to improve those businesses sales processes and scalability so that they can continue to grow and not go out of business or shrink.

The Serial Seller set out to help entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses grow their businesses through sales and marketing, in turn helping the greater world.

We sincerely believe that the world can, should, and will be changed for the better within our lifetime and the lifetimes of my children. I believe it will be the entrepreneurs, self-employed, dreamers, and inventors who will make that happen.

Helping businesses automate, structure, and systemize their sales team and business as a whole and thus turn them into seven and even 8-figure businesses is exactly what we enjoy doing day in and day-out.

The key factor that is missed by most business coaches, online courses, etc. is accountability. A lot of small & medium businesses fall behind when paying for help as they are not held accountable by a coach or they just have a "monthly check-in" call, which I believe is a waste of everyone's time apart from the business coach who is taking their fee.

Online Courses are useful and informative, but they don't provide a systematic roadmap on how to achieve the end goal of what the course was created for.

We aim to change the lack of accountability and systems available to our clients by being an extension of our client's team.   

We look forward to partnering with you and your business in the near future to help bring your product and service to market and scale your business to unimaginable heights.


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To be the most trusted sales and marketing partner. We want to change the way businesses sell, market, and scale.

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Our results speak for themselves. We deliver outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients - big or small.

Focusing on our Key Pillars;
1. Sales (Revenue)
2. Profit (Stability)
3. Order (Efficiency)
4. Impact (Transform)

Driving cost-effective sales strategies that generate quick wins before driving money into more expensive and time-consuming marketing strategies. We aim to provide a quick ROI and predictable sales, allowing our clients to scale at a sustainable rate.