We help B2B business owners grow their revenue on autopilot by implementing a sales strategy packaged with consulting and marketing to remove them from day-to-day sales activities and free them up to focus more on long-term business goals. 

Does this sound like something you would be interested in achieving?

Consulting Packages

Description Silver Gold Platinum
Sales & Marketing Strategy & Roadmap X X X
Metric Tracking X X X
Remote Monthly Sales & Marketing Meeting (1hr) X
Remote Fortnightly Sales & Marketing Meeting (1hr) X
Remote Weekly Sales & Marketing Meeting (1hr) X

Silver, Gold or Platinum Consulting Package is required for access to Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing  Foundations Package

Package Includes:

• Audit & Business Analysis
• Real-Time Reporting
• Local SEO Software
• Monitoring and Management of Google Business Profile
• Google CTA Software
• Implementation and Management of Google CTA
• Implementation & Management of Review Management Tool(s)
• Review Management Tool
• Ongoing Management of Heat Mapping Solution & Website Analysis
• Heat Mapping Software
• Implement & Maintain LinkedIn Prospecting Solution
• LinkedIn Prospecting Software

Outbound Lead Generation Services

Package Includes:

• Strategy: Defining ICP & Market Research
• Technical Implementation (DKIM, DMARC, SPF, CNAME)
• Up to 500 leads contacted per week
Omni-channel Outbound (Email + LinkedIn)
• Copywriting
• Dedicated team of marketing experts specialized in outbound strategies
• Reporting

PPC Advertising

Package Includes:
• Full 360-degree Advertising Audit
• Comprehensive PPC Strategy
• 2 x Advertising platforms setup (choice of Facebook/IG Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads)
• Advanced Ads creation (images, videos, copywriting)
• Advanced Google Analytics setup, and advanced Google Tag Manager setup
• Web CRO Report & Consulting
• 3rd Party Integrations UTM Tracking
• On-going Ads optimization
• Advanced Analytics with goals tracking
• Full-Stack Marketing Team (Advertising Manager, Ads Specialist, CRO Expert, Graphic Designer, Copywriter)

Email Automation
& Marketing

Package Includes:
• Integration of Email Solution with Website & CRM
• 1 x Newsletter Sent per month
• 1 x Sequence Automation Setup per month
• Email Copywriting, Design, Subject Headlines
• CRM Tags, Segmentations, Lists & Templates 
• Analysis & Reporting
Dedicated team of Email Marketing specialists (Copywriter, CRO Expert, Graphic  Designer, Digital Marketing Manager)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Package Includes:
•SEO Audit
• Full SEO Strategy & Content Plan
• Keyword Research
On-site SEO
           - Meta titles
       - Content
   - Titles
      - Images
    - URLs
• Content Writing (2 blogs/week)
• Backlinks (5x Guest Post DA 30+)
• Internal Linking Software
• Social Content Posting Software
Dedicated team of SEO specialists (SEO Specialist, Copywriter, SEO Manager)

Why hire a single-person CRO — who typically makes between $250k and $400k per year along with their necessary supporting cast — when you can get both a CRO and CMO for that same cost who can also build your Go-To-Market, Systems and entire Revenue Engine to set you up for scale?